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Sutton Team Parish is a team of 3 Church of England churches, St Nicholas' Church, All Saints Church and St Michael's & All Angels Church.  We are part of the Diocese of Liverpool (

More details for each of the 3 churches can be found on the page devoted to that church.  Here you will find general information regarding the Team.

The Team exists to further worship across the Sutton community and to benefit those they can draw in to activity groups and services.  

We have good ecumenical partnerships with our local churches and denominations.  

We also have regular and growing contact in a number of our local primary schools, including our Church School, Sutton Oak Primary (


Basic Historical details:  The Team of Sutton Parish started with the opening of St Nicholas' Church in 1849 on New Street, due to the investment of the Pilkington Family and with King's College Cambridge as Patrons.  A daughter church was opened by William Pilkington in 1892 with the building of All Saints Church in Sutton Village.  This was initially in a Chapel of Ease, but was recognised as a second Parish Church in the early 1900's.  Sutton National School, now Sutton Oak CofE Primary School, was also started by the Church and remains our Church School with 3 Foundation Governors on the Governing body.  

Alongside the provision of All Saints Church for those in Sutton village, St Nicholas' Church ran 2 Mission Halls, one in Clock Face and one in Sutton Manor.  These eventually closed and in 1952, with the closure of Mining works in Sutton Manor area, the Coal Board donated some of the land to the Church of England, building St Michael's & All Angels Church and a Vicarage for the local community.  

These three Churches have remained together as a single team, legally and ecclesiastically.  Although the influence and presence of the Pilkington family has declined over the years, King's College Cambridge remain the Patrons of the Parish.  The 3 churches share resources and clergy, have a central administration and 1 churchyard.  Beyond that they each have their own identity and are geographically distant enough to run their own community work and social provision.  



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