Churchyard Guidelines

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You and your family are in our prayers at this time.

We hope the information in this leaflet will help you to ensure that your family grave remains a very special place where you will feel close to God and your loved ones.

We will continue to make every effort to ensure that the churchyard is maintained properly whilst trying to be sensitive to everyone's needs and feelings. To do this, the Church of England requires certain standards to be adhered to. These are taken from the official advice given in "The Churchyards Handbook" and set out in this leaflet.  Unfortunately, some areas surrounding graves have, historically, had stones placed around them in such a way that the ground has become difficult to maintain.  As well as this, the ground in this area is not level and becomes easily waterlogged, especially in times of significant rainfall.  Please be aware of these factors when visiting the churchyard for your own safety.

Please note that the payment you have made does not confer ownership of the grave-plot.  The churchyard land remains the property of the Parish Incumbent on behalf of the PCC. 

Dogs are not allowed in the churchyard unless on a short lead.

Please click here to download the full Churchyard Guidelines

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